The New Teacher’s Companion: Practical Wisdom for Succeeding in the Classroom

Research confirms that the teacher makes the greatest difference in the learning success of students, so it's important that new teachers get off to a strong start. With help from veteran teacher and mentor Gini Cunningham, inexperienced teachers can better understand and successfully tackle the many daily challenges they will face in the classroom:

  • Setting up classroom procedures and managing class time
  • Coordinating standards, curriculum, and textbooks
  • Developing manageable lesson and unit plans
  • Handling discipline problems and engaging students in learning
  • Using effective assessment practices and monitoring student achievement

Teaching is a physically and emotionally demanding career, but Cunningham's practical advice and memorable anecdotes will help teachers prepare for and enjoy their work--even on the most difficult days. And administrators can use this accessible guide to support new professionals and avoid early burnout. The New Teacher's Companion is a valuable resource for any teacher who wants the classroom to be a rich and rewarding place for teachers and students alike.

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