The Future of Finance: A New Model for Banking and Investment

One of the many problems that venture capital, to some extent, and private equity, to a greater extent, have faced in recent years is the general public’s general lack of understanding of these disciplines: how they work, why they have grown, what they achieve, and who they impact. Regrettably few works by well-informed writers have appeared in recent years to provide answers to these basic questions. And the most recent turmoil in the venture capital and private equity worlds has no doubt exacerbated this general lack of understanding.

Dan Schwartz has therefore provided a real public service by not only carefully researching and skillfully writing this book, but by doing so in a way that can truly inform the layperson, as well as investment professionals, about what has happened, is happening, and is likely to happen in the increasingly important—but rapidly changing—worlds of venture capital and private equity.

And the author has done this while holding down a day job of running a business he headed for more than 15 years—the Asian Venture Capital Journal, which has grown from its modest beginnings to a position of enormous influence in the burgeoning Asia venture and private equity worlds. That perch has put Dan Schwartz into frequent contact with the leading professionals in both the Asian and the global venture capital and private equity industries. This is made abundantly clear in The Future of Finance, for the author has been able to obtain many frank (and invaluable) observations and insights from those professionals.

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