New Scientist No.3219 (02.03.2019): The Most Beautiful Table

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New Scientist No.3219 (02.03.2019): The Most Beautiful Table

NAGAYASU NAWA describes himself as a schoolteacher and periodic table designer. He has created versions of the table that adorn everything from clocks to a traditional Japanese coat and even a school bus.

This year, the 150th anniversary of the table’s invention by Dmitri Mendeleev (page 34), has been designated by the UN as the international year of the periodic table.


And Nawa’s creations featured at the opening ceremony in Paris last month: Yuri Oganessian, the only living person to have an element named after them, was photographed holding a fan with one of his periodic table designs.

Nawa takes his love for periodicity further than most, although there is something about it that appeals to many of us. People have designed periodic tables of cupcakes, Star Wars, cereal and David Bowie, to mention just a few. But what is it about the table that makes it so iconic and worth lauding?

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