BBC History: The Invasion of Tudor England

In a year’s time, a referendum is due to be held in Scotland on the subject of the country’s future within the UK. Back in the Tudor period, such matters tended to be settled in a far more violent fashion, as we are reminded this month with the 500th anniversary of the battle of Flodden. On page 20, George Goodwin explores the build-up to the largest ever clash between England and Scotland and recounts the drama of the battle itself.

When it comes to dramatic tales, few stories seem to capture our imaginations as effectively as those involving vampires. From Victorian gothic novels to the modern Twilight phenomenon, bloodsuckers have become an inescapable part of popular culture.

We all know the legend, but might there be a factual underpinning to the tales of Dracula? Historian Richard Sugg has been analysing hundreds of years of vampire reports and has come to some fascinating conclusions. Turn to page 34 to find out more.

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