Ideology and Curriculum

Since 1979, Ideology and Curriculum has been a path breaking statement on the relationship between cultural and economic power in education. The new edition of this now classic text has been updated by celebrated author and activist Michael W. Apple to include a full new chapter on the book’s lasting critical agenda in the context […]

Implementing the Primary Curriculum: A Teacher’s Guide

Giving an overview of the whole of the curriculum, this book specifically identifies key features of the required and optional curriculum. The editors give practical examples for implementing new requirements into primary teachers’ daily schedules and encourage reflection in their own practice. Sofyan YA Traveler. The ultimate experience.

The Essentials of World Languages, Grades K-12

We live in a global community, and to be a full member of this community often requires speaking more than one language. Educators and policymakers must ask themselves: What does it mean to view language learning not as an elective but as a necessity for communicating and interacting with people around the world? The Essentials […]

Deaf Learners: Developments in Curriculum and Instruction

“Deaf Learners: Developments in Curriculum and Instruction”, edited by Donald F. Moores and David S. Martin, presents an in-depth collection by 17 renowned international scholars that details a developmental framework to maximize academic success for deaf students from kindergarten through grade 12. Part One: The Context commences with an overview of the state of general […]

Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum

Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum is an invaluable guide for all involved in curriculum matters. Now fully updated, this revised and enlarged fourth edition provides not only a solid grounding in the subject but also covers the latest trends and issues affecting the field. Written in Marsh’s clear and accessible style, the book details the […]

Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum

Many schools under pressure to meet new standards of learning mistakenly believe that they must adopt a narrow curriculum that imposes strict boundaries on what students are taught. In this book, Susan Drake and Rebecca Burns address this issue by offering strategies for synchronizing standards across the disciplines. At the heart of the book is […]

Children And Their Curriculum

One major challenge of the book is thus to those who hear pupils’ voices in a spirit of interest, sympathy or amusement, but make no commitment to analysis and follow-up action. We wish to move beyond such forms of sentiment and indulgence. A second major challenge is to those who interpret childhood in purely developmental […]

Many Sides Debate Across The Curriculum

Provides a thorough exploration of using debate as an educational tool in a wide variety of subject areas. Offers a comprehensive guide for integrating debate into the curriculum, designing proper formats, developing topics for debates, preparing students for debating, and staging the debates. Gives special treatment to 24 different subject areas, explaining why debate is […]